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Today was the first time i actually lie on a horribly uncomfortable couch, and watch nothing but movies on TV for nearly 10 hours. That of course i think can be related to how terribly work pressured me in the last couple of weeks, or the fact that i have been mad at myself for while now. I know it sounds funny in a way to feel mad at your own self, but it happens. the problem is; when your mad at someone you can simply get away from him the least to make yourself feel better, but when your mad at yourself, really can't do anything but just try to fix things up somehow.

last movie that i watched was Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of fleet street. I never saw the musical before, and i always wanted to watch this movie since 2007 but i just didn't seem to have the time.

i must say though, i love the movie.

No one is perfect.

Its difficult to say that life is sometimes, unfair. while the fact that our lives never stay the same, and is bounded by time; it would simply be impossible for it to be the same.

change, is the right word. I remember a certain year in my life that was close to perfection. it had all the flavors of life in it, and while people consider sadness an unwelcome visitor, sadness will always be there.

Time is a frightening element indeed. our life pass by and evolve beyond our will, because its bounded by time.

i can't imagine a human being who would be willing to give away his life, or end it thinking that it would set him free. i can't imagine that because i know that death is a painful hour. unlike what people think, people dont just shut their eyes closed and that's it.

you run out of air, your body shakes thinking someone is choking you while its actually choking itself. your hands reach for anything, and anyone. you lose control over you body. you can't think of anything …


Many thanks to all the amazing magazines and websites who went through all the time and effort to publish my latest project.

I thank AWR (Architecture Workshop in Rome) for their amazing competition, and concern about this cause.

I believe that Architecture should mainly focus on people, because architecture is About 
people. The many challenges that people face in their lives should be faced and considered by all the fields of knowledge and art.

if you can, try raising awareness to this matter. I never was taught about emergency architecture, and i feel sorry for that...

Architecture is People.


do you ever have those experiences where you ....realize every little mistake you made in your life. not only realize....but fear everything else you do afterwards ...fear every decision you make, fear every movement. you become caged in a prison of fear and anxiety.

lately i have been asking the wrong questions in life ....and they made me feel despair...they made me so despair that i fear killing myself. ...did i finally lose my mind....did i finally lose myself ,...

i feel like i want to sit in a corner of a closed room, and cover myself with a thick sheet and stay there for god knows how long.

i am not gonna lie to you, i love life....and i hate it. thats right ... i love it and i hate it. i love it because ....its just beautiful if you look at it from the right perspective. and i hate it because i really don't know one thing about it.

sometimes i imagine Davey Jones approaching me and saying his famous line "Do you fear death??!".

and then i would say..........nothing .…

what if the world would end tomorrow?

here is a question i have been thinking about for a while .....what if the world would end tomorrow?. to be honest i think i would probably pray for a long while...then i would probably smoke a cigarette. i always wanted to to know what it feels to smoke a last cigarette, and i honestly always wanted to know what cigarettes taste like. i wouldn't worry about family that much. i have been with them for my entire life. i think they will be okay for one day. i think i would eventually panic though, but i think when the last minute comes i would grab a paper bag and put it on my head and lay down. like those guys from the movie "the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy", or maybe i would take a sleeping pill or something. i mean, whats the point of witnessing how you will die?. lets be honest, its gonna be painful, its gonna be a very short show, and you will probably regret it in the afterlife. then again it could be a nice chat topic, people would gather around and each o…