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Ah well, so a train had a makeover as Hatsune Miku. I would say how adorable it is, except I honestly fear memorizing the image inside my head and then taking the subway here in Cairo so I can feast my eyes with ugly colors with paint spray on them.

    You can see all the lovely details of the outside of the car as well as the posters, toys, and other displayed items on the inside. You'll also have a look at all the folks who made the line to have a look, and incidentally, if you've ever wondered how those decals get installed on the buses and trains, there's a look at that, too. This train actually operates as a normal street car at the moment, and will through Snow Festival and all the way until the weather starts moving into Spring. 


First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating in a long time.

Second, I would like to notify you that the Portfolio section has been updated, I appreciate your time & effort in viewing my latest works.

Finally, I am also glad to announce that I have recently earned the "LEED Green Associate" Credential. It wasn't an easy process. It was the longest time I had to prepare for an exam in my life, and the actual exam wasn't anywhere near easy. However, Thank god I managed to pass that exam, and I am looking forward for becoming LEED Accredited Professional.

Thank you, and as always :