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Many thanks to all the amazing magazines and websites who went through all the time and effort to publish my latest project.

I thank AWR (Architecture Workshop in Rome) for their amazing competition, and concern about this cause.

I believe that Architecture should mainly focus on people, because architecture is About 
people. The many challenges that people face in their lives should be faced and considered by all the fields of knowledge and art.

if you can, try raising awareness to this matter. I never was taught about emergency architecture, and i feel sorry for that...

Architecture is People.


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Book Clock by Masaaki Hiromura

The graphic designer Masaaki Hiromura has installed what is perhaps the most analog, digital clock ever. It’s comprised of an ever-repeating video loop featuring 3 books, each representing the hours, minutes and seconds of a single day. A hand neurotically and relentlessly flips through the pages as if to remind us that time never stops moving.
It’s currently on view at MUJI in Shibuya, which just underwent a major renovation and reopened at the beginning of this month.

via Spoon & Tamago .