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MINTJAM - Arachnoid.

Keep rocking MintJam !!.
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NEXUS Museum.

Dear all, I was a participant in the international competition "Natural City". The goal was to design a natural sciences museum in the city of Berlin. The following is the briefing:

 Project Brief:

The building volume sits gently within the urban landscape and is articulated as an assembly of a various majestic geometries that were formed from the natural flow of the site. Together they form an intricate structural composition that is both solid and

 symbolic. Integrating an inner green court serves as an exceptional view from the inside as well as serving the purpose of a more sustainable design that will help lowering the heat gain levels in summer. Also, green roofs were integrated as part of the concrete structures, giving the feel of the structure's age and belonging to the site.
From the inside, a continuous exhibition space lines is the basis creating a new type of journey for visitors flowing along the project’s axis.

The museum’s roof defines an iconic silhouette that integrates gently within the cityscape around it. It is an intricate assembly of efficient long-spanning structural elements. The basic idea was to create a structure that blends with the urban fabric, not disturbing it, as the architecture of Berlin is considered strong and iconic, yet the buildings remain parts from a one single unit.
The key to a successful design is the capability of pursuing the design from several perspectives, considering all the elements surrounding the structure as a building belongs to the city as equally as it belongs to its original site. The mix between metal cladding and concrete gives the museum an identity, and provides the building with more visual elements and color tones. The cladding pattern has been specially selected to make the ground floor more unique and to make it stand out from the remaining parts of the buildings. It’s a much more exciting elements that gives the museum more value and richness.

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                               "Arguably one of the best shows I have ever seen."

From the creative team responsible for creating the epic "Death Note" ;written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata.

The story follows Mashiro Moritaka, and Takagi Akito. Two young guys struggling through fulfilling their dream of becoming a Mangaka, and earning an Anime show based on their manga one day.

I admire stories based on true hardships in life, and perhaps giving hopes to whoever out there that needs hope.

It was one of the very few shows that I applauded when I finished the last episode.

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Dear all, I would like to share the following:

1- First of all I know & realize that whoever reads this doesn't really care that much since they don't really know me or who I am. However, I decided to declare that I don't really think I am a good Architect.

You may not know this but I didn't really wish to be an Architect until I was at my first year of Engineering school. I chose Architecture because I thought it was the field that suited me most at that time.

I loved certain aspects of Architecture but I "Didn't devote myself entirely to it".

They used to ask us in college whether we thought Architecture was "Art or Function". I honestly believe Architecture is neither. Today, I believe Architecture is pure "Business". It certainly didn't help me express myself as any "Art" should, and eventually, the Architect is always unknown and kept in the dark, so you practically have no way communicating or impacting a large percentage of people. Despite the fact that I always believed Architecture should be about people, its just too difficult to communicate with people through buildings and structures.

That being said, I can honestly say that I failed to merge withing Architecture as "Business" or as "Art". Which made me fully realize that I do not wish to continue being an Architect for a long period, and I am considering changing my profession over the next 5-6 years.

2- I love Art. I really do. but above all, what I love most is being capable to influence people through Art. If you can't enjoy doing what you do, then you should reconsider the path your taking. If while you are working find yourself occasionally putting at the very least a "Smirk" on your face, then you are doing well, and you should go through with what your doing. Otherwise, you're just placing yourself inside an empty box.

3- Finally, Please don't die doing something that doesn't make you feel better about yourself. enjoy your life, and be sure to live it fully. You're only living about 70 years assuming you will be in good health. It's not too late to make the choice that will make a difference in your remaining life. BE HAPPY, and do what you can to do what you think is right.

Thank you,
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Happy Birthday Haruki Murakami !!

 Happy birthday, Haruki Murakami! photo
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KAMIJO - Symphony of The Vampire

Looking forward to this ..
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Love Before We Die -Moumoon-