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No one is perfect.

Its difficult to say that life is sometimes, unfair. while the fact that our lives never stay the same, and is bounded by time; it would simply be impossible for it to be the same.

change, is the right word. I remember a certain year in my life that was close to perfection. it had all the flavors of life in it, and while people consider sadness an unwelcome visitor, sadness will always be there.

Time is a frightening element indeed. our life pass by and evolve beyond our will, because its bounded by time.

i can't imagine a human being who would be willing to give away his life, or end it thinking that it would set him free. i can't imagine that because i know that death is a painful hour. unlike what people think, people dont just shut their eyes closed and that's it.

you run out of air, your body shakes thinking someone is choking you while its actually choking itself. your hands reach for anything, and anyone. you lose control over you body. you can't think of anything except "help me".

no flash backs and no one passes through your head, and just when your body realizes whats going on, you faint.


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