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Prayers for a pure soul

Rima Nawawi, despite the fact that i don't really know you. but when i saw your smile it seemed just simply so pure and beautiful. i am saddened to know that you are not among us today, but i am sure you are in a better place right now, and despite the fact that you wont read this, i want you to know that since you loved drawing, designing, and art in general; i am dedicating my artistic works to you.

اسال الله العلي القدير ان يغفر لك ويرحمك وان يجعل مثواك الفردوس الاعلى ......

Rima's website:


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The graphic designer Masaaki Hiromura has installed what is perhaps the most analog, digital clock ever. It’s comprised of an ever-repeating video loop featuring 3 books, each representing the hours, minutes and seconds of a single day. A hand neurotically and relentlessly flips through the pages as if to remind us that time never stops moving.
It’s currently on view at MUJI in Shibuya, which just underwent a major renovation and reopened at the beginning of this month.

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