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without doing any sort of reading about the origins or meanings for this word, i find myself incapable of defining the full meaning of Freedom. despite this fact i do know that freedom changes accordingly with your perspective towards life.

for my entire life my first and ever lasting concern was to be free. free from any restriction that confines me to a certain place or a certain knowledge, or a certain believe. lately a major amount of that restriction was lifted from my life and i found myself nothing but thrilled and excited. i wont be like those sore losers who look back and feel nostalgic about something that made them feel disrupted and worried for their entire lives.

i just feel glad, and i find it absolutely amazing to be finally free to run in the wilderness on my own.
i am not afraid, i feel careless ..and that is something to be treasured at times like these, because sometimes you have to let your guard down and just charge with full power and speed.
i can only thank god .

i feel like running ....


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