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The V-TH Ark.

 Competition information:

Competition name: Life Saving - First Step Against a Disaster-.
Organizer: AWR - Architecture Workshop In Rome-

     Project - The V-th Ark- is an approach towards decreasing the human loss during catastrophic events as Tsunamis. Despite the fact that tsunamis and other natural disasters will always remain a greater force to stand against, saving lives will always remain the first priority during those misfortunate events.


of course the main problem about tsunamis is not just the waves, but the debris that the waves carry, and the fact that the more they travel the more they gain power and speed. Therefore, the materials used to construct the ark has to be durable enough to stand against the debris, as the materials should also be environment friendly. There was also a layer of Solar panels placed on top of the Ark to ensure a clean renewable energy source.

the picture explains all the aspects of idea.

- this work is dedicated to all the victims of Tsunamis around the world-


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